S*Pepita's Black Ribbon

Born: 2014-03-21

Colour: Black Velvet

Father: Östergaards Liam


 Mother: Tellus Carpriata


Breeder: Annette Fridh, SE

Pedigree: Coming!

Weight: 61 g

Status: With mother and brother.

Results: Coming!

Other Information:


S*Pepita's Elliz

Born: 2013-07-23

Colour: White Velvet pos. Ebony

Father: S*Amorina's Zam


Mother: Ellen


Breeder: Annette Fridh, SE

Pedigree: SCAF 13/3771

Weight: 439 g

Status: Living with S*Pepita's Love and S*Pepita's Charm.

Results: 75,5 p.

Other information:


Pepita's Stjärnöga

Born: 2013-04-13

Colour: Pink White

Father: Atlantis Attityd


Mother: S*Kungsängsliljans Pikilia


Breeder: Annette Fridh, SE

Pedigree: SCAF 13/3625

Weight: 602 g

Status: In breeding with Inca.

Results: 82 p , 2:d place.

Övrigt: The smallest kit in a litter of three. During the first couple of days he was bitten by his sisters an possibly even mom. The wounds was infected and he had to visit the vet and while attending the wounds on his body and face at the vet station his front leg was broken. He was put on antibiotics together with one of his sisters. He had a lot of bad luck and a pretty bad start to his life. 

But he is a survivor and at the age six months he was shown with 81 p.  


Östergaards Whilliam IV

Born: 2009-06-15

Colour: Violet sc

Father: 201P Mother: 272P

Breeder: Hanne & Frank Östergaard

Pedigree: SCAF 10/2679

Weight: 615 g

Status: In breeding with Pepita's Marlene.  

Results: Coming!

Father of two litters at a previous owner.

Other information:


Bouw's Timothy

Born: 2012-10-03

Colour: Violet Ebony Velvet psc

Father: Finley (Violet sc) Mother: 640 (Ebony Velvet vc)

Breeder: E. Bouw, NL

Pedigree: SCAF 13/3582

Weight: 454 g

Status: In breeding with Lilla Pip.

Results: Coming!

Father of two litters.

Other information: Timothy is born in Netherlands and a nice friend picked him up for me. I saw pictures of him when he was for sale at LiMa's Chinchilla on Facebook I hit the Like-button because he was so cute. I never thought he would be mine. Thanks Anna and Thanks Susanna!

Timothy arrived with a small wound on his nose. Probably happened in the box when he travelled to Sweden. He was put in quarantine and he was a sad little boy. I put Sierra with him. Unfortunately their first litter was a stillborn. But they adopted Willow from Patience. But tragically he died at the age of one month. Hope for better luck with their second litter.


S*Amorina's Chinos

Born: 2013-02-08

Colour: Beige Violet sc

Father: S*Amorina's Bones Mother: SUCh S*Amorina's Meja

Breeder: Anneli Åkerman, SE

Pedigree: SCAF 13/3566

Weght: 629 g

Status: In breeding with SUCh Pepita's Marilyn.

Results: 82 p

Father of one litter.

Övrigt: I've been waiting a long time for the day I could put Chinos in breeding with Pepita's Marilyn. I am hoping for some nice babies from this couple.


Östergaards Liam

Born: 2009-10-15

Colour: Pure Grey

Father: C34 Mother: H-233

Breeder: Hanne & Frank Östergaard, DK

Pedigree: SCAF 10/2678

Weight: 763 g

Status: In breeding with Tellus Carpriata.

Results: 86 p, first place and one certificate.

Father of four litters.

Other information:


S*Lavender's Long Time No See

Born: 2011-05-07

Colour: Grey

Father: Nathaniel (K396) Mother: Ritterspach's Zenta (8126)

Breeder: Susanna Dahlgren, SE

Pedigree: SCAF 11/2925

Weight: 579 g

Status: In breeding with Ellen.

Results: 81,5+p

Other information: This male had been in a fight with another male at his former owner. His fur was in bad condition. He also had lost some weight and neede peace and quiet. But after a couple of months he was put in breeding with Ellen. He has lovely parents and I will give him a chance and see what happens. I really love his sweet face!


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