Tre-Ben's Squeaky

Born: 2010-12-10

Colour: Violet California recessive White

Father: SupremeChins Jazzy Mother: TopChinchillas Natskygge

Breeder: Ciara Carton & Theo Andersen, DK

Pedigree: SCAF 13/3763

Weight: 691 g

Status: In breeding with Nova's Mascot

Results: 83 p and one certificate.

Mother of one litter.

Other information: Squeakys mother Natskygge is shown in Sweden as a baby with 81 p. Her father Jazzy is shown with 76,5 p. Grandfather Footloose is shown with one certificate at 84,5 p. Grandmother Maeci was SUCh with 90,5 p.

Squeaky has a couple of siblings that also have been showed. Her brother Halifax is SUCh with 92,5 p. Her brother Shadow is also SUCh with 87 p. Show results might also exist on other siblings from shows in Denmark. But I have no accesss to those results.

Squeaky is California recessive White and I have put her with a male, Nova's Mascot who is CRW-carrier. Babies will be CRW-carriers or CRW.

Squeaky's babies are: S*Pepita's Carmen and S*Pepita's Carmelo.


Checky Katalina

Born: 2013-05-09

Colour: Grey CRWc

Father: Randin Mother: Tågarps Afrodite

Breeder. Karianne Laugen, NO

Pedigree: Coming!

Weight: ?


Results: Coming!

Other information: Coming soon!


S*Pepita's Vitsippa

Born: 2014-04-21

Colour: White vc

Father: Stjärnås Handsome


 Mother: S*Amorina's Kayley


Breeder: Annette Fridh, SE

Pedigree: Coming!

Weight: 53 g

Status: Living with her family.

Results: Coming!

Other information:  


Pepita's Elmo

Born: 2012-12-21

Colour: Pink White, possible ebony

Father: Atlantis Attityd


Mother: Kungsängsliljans Pikilia


Breeder: Annette Fridh, SE

Pedigree: SCAF 13/3525

Weight: 753 g

Status: In breeding with Pepita's Chattahoochee.

Results: 81 p, Second price

Mother of one litter.

Övrigt: Mother Pikilia gained very much weight when carrying Elmo. But the result was Elmo, weight at birth 54 g and a mother with a fine weight after labour.

Mother Pikilia is shown with 85 p and at another show she recieved price for nicest head (snyggaste huvuvud).Pikilias mother, Kungsängsliljans Never Ending Story, shown with two certificates and 86,5 p. Pikilias father, Kungsängsliljans & Älvans Sailor Bootstrap, also has gotten two certificates at shows and 84,5 p. Pikilias brother, Kungsängsliljans Taco, was SUCh (Swedish show champion) with 88,5 p and he also was SGRCh (Swedish Grand Cahmpion). And a sister to Pikilia, Kungsängsliljans & Silverklippans Kallinda was shown with 89,5 p and BIB (Best in Baby). Elmo has got two half brothers born at Vagelös Chinchilla, Kungsängsliljans & Vagelös Kling and Klang. Klang is shown with 84,5 p and a certificate.

Father Attityd has recieved two certificates and 84 p. Attityds mother, Alpha's & Galant's Alfa Donna, is SUCh (Swedish show champion) and SGrCh (Swedish Grand Champion) and has been shown in championclass with 90 p. Attityds father, Kungsängsliljans Toffee Crisp is shown with 82,5 p.


SUCh Pepita's Marilyn

Born: 2012-08-19

Colour: Pink White, vc, sc? (Possible Pink White Diamond)

Father: Amorina's Xerxes


Mother: Sörig's Enya


Breeder: Annette Fridh, SE

Pedigree: SCAF 12/3378

Weight: 835 g

Status: With babies.

Results: 87,5, 1:a pris, champion.

Mother of one litter.

Övrigt: Marilyn's father Amorina's Xerxes is shown with 81 p. Her mother is only shown once with quite poor result partly due to our lack of knowledge about chinchilla shows (it was our first show and our first chinchilla with a pedigree) but also due to having two close litters at her previous owner.

Xerxes grandmother, Björkhagas Lavendel, has two certificates with 85,5 p being the highest. Xerxes brother, Amorina's Xavier also has two certificates with 85,5 p.

At shows Marilyn has recieved 24/25 p on first impression, 13,5/15 p on bodyshape, 14/15 p on size, 4,5/5 p on colour, 4,5/5 p on clearness, 4/5 p on density.


Lilla Pip

Born: 2007-11-30

Colour: Violet Ebony

Father: Galant's Odin Mother: Santiagos Luna

Breeder: Lina Åhman, SE

Pedigree: SCAF 08/1832

Weight: ?

Status: In breeding with Bouw's Timothy.

Results: Coming!

Other information: Comng soon!


Honey's She's the One*

Born: 2008-09-03

Colour: Violet

Father: SUCh Sörigs Marcel Mother: SUCh Santiago's Violet Candy

Breeder: Carina & Therése Svedberg, SE

Pedigree: SCAF 08/1983

Weight: 805 g

Status: Waiting for a new friend. 

Results: 83,5 p, 2:a price and one certificate.

Mother of three litters.

Other information: She's the One had a nickname at her former owner, Alice and I keep calling her Alice. Alice has a fine pedigree and both her parents are SUCh (Swedish Show Champion). Father Marcel shown with 85,5 p and mother Violet Candy shown with 88 p. Alice's siter, Harlekin's Ofelia is SUCh and shown with 86,5 p and another sister, Honey's Lovelight, is also SUCh and shown with 88,5 p. Her brother, Honey's Phoenix from the Flames, has got two certificates and is shown with 85 p. Her halfbrother, Harlekins Zanzibar has got two certificates and is shown with 83,5 p. Alice has got lots of siblings and half siblings. The ones I have already mentioned but also, Harlekin's Bricole, Honey's Mr. Bojangles, Honey's Kiss Me, Honey's Miss Jones och Honey's Rudebox. I guess there are even more siblings that is unknown to me.

She enjoys grooming before a show! I find thet not so common! When living alone she is very social and does not really like to be left in her cage. But with company she is happy in cage. Alice has had two litters of three kits. Her first litter were Savoy, Saratoga och Sierra. And the second one Xenia, Xenon and Xavior. She loves her hammock and sleeps a lot in it!

She's the One's babies are: Pepita's Sierra, Pepita's Savoy, Pepita's Saratoga, S*Pepita's Xenia, S*Pepita's Xenon, S*Pepita's Xavior.


Pepita's Malva

Born: 2013-04-13

Colour: Homo Beige Ebony

Father: Atlantis Attityd


Mother: S*Kungsängsliljans Pikilia


Breeder: Annette Fridh, SE

Pedigree: SCAF 13/3626

Weight: 691 g

Status: Living with S*Pepita's Aretha and S*Pepita's Inez.

Results: Coming!

Other information: Big sister in a litter of three. Had an eye infection as a tiny baby and got antibiotics. Her eye recovered and I hope she has sight on it. 

When Malva was seven weeks old her mother decided they were big enough and she was mean to them. I had to put them with my fantastic Inca. Malva is staying with us!



Born: 2006

Colour: Grey

Breeder: Unknown. Bought from Nina Johansson, SE.

Registration: SCAF 11/2944

Weight: 846 g

Status: In breeding with Pepita's Stjärnöga.

Results: 81,5 p 

Mother of at least two litter.

Other information: Inca is our solid rock and she has a heart of gold! She takes care of everyone in need. But although she has a bit of a temper! The first years she lived here you couldn't just pick her up as you pleased. It was on her conditions only. But now it's okey! Inca was one of the five chinchillas we first picked up. Less than two weeks after she got here she had a litter of four. She handled it by herself, because we were of no help new chinchilla owners that we were. She has a very good size. She is shown with 81,5 p. She has recieved 13 p on bodyshape, 13,5 p on size, 4 p on texture and has got comment "Trevligt huvud", Nice head. She is a very capable mother and I really hope for a litter from her again. 

Inca's babie's are: Hallontassens Lil'One, Hallontassens Basil, Hallontassens Zorro, Hallontassens Tilde.


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