The first chinchillas lived with our family in 1994. In those days the knowledge of chinchillas was poor. Nowadays thanks to Internet the knowledge of how to care for these animals has reached people worldwide.

We bought chinchillas again in 2010. A chinchillafamily with two females and a male and also two baby daughters. They were all Grey. We planned to sell the two daughters and keep the adults as a group. How stupid was that? Twelve days after we bought the family, there suddenly were nine of them instead of five. Four babies had been born. Slowly my interest in learning all about chinchillas started. By a miracle all four babies survived!

A lot of things has happened here since 2010. Sometimes very sad things and sometimes very happy things. I have been very close to quit sometimes when it has been really tough. But to take out one of the fluffy balls and cuddle for a while and everythings feels a lot better. These cuties are impossible to resist!

We only breed healthy chinchillas. If any of them shows any signs of malocclusion or something else, they are taken out of our breeding program. Without exceptions! The goal with our breeding is to breed healthy chinchillas with pedigree and a good temper. We would like for all of our babies to be well suited for a life as a pet, showing and breeding. This won't result in all of our babies to become champions, but we want the fundamentals present for the best possible results! But they all develop differently. That is the unchallenged fact. We aim for our chinchillababies to have a long and healthy life. We like for our breeding animals to have older ancestors in their pedigree. Ancestors that have been healthy and reached a higher age. We also like for our breeding animals to have Grey animals in their pedigress. In time our goals might change and become more pointed in some or other direction.

Colours we focus on at this point is CRW (California Recessive White), Violet (Ebony and White/Velvet), Homo Beige and White of different kinds. We aim for Whites with extreme markings and spots. 

A short summary and some statistics from our breeding I have put on this page.

Annette & Björn


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